Falling lemons.What you choose to do with them.

Hello beautiful people,

I thought I would share my thoughts on this lovely sunny spring day with you.

After having to cut short my skiing holiday in Italy and spending a week in isolation in Scotland I came back to a completely different country. England was not the same as the one I left only 2 weeks ago. The streets were different, the people were different… And then there was me still suffering from the holiday blues, not entirely sure how to apply myself to the current situation…

This state of what the Russians call “lomka” – I guess the closest translation in English would be “withdrawal” lasted for about 4 days. Oh boy, it was tough!

Today was a new day. Still unsure what has changed for me today but for some reason I felt a lot more motivated. Firstly, I registered for volunteering for the NHS, can’t wait to start helping the people who need help! Secondly, in the absence of gyms I ran 7k through my local parks, which helped me to clear my mind out and motivate me to write thisJ. Finally, I managed to get hold of 3 packs of eggs in my local cornershop (feeling victoriousJ), look forward to doing some baking with the kidsJ in the next few weeks.

Those of you who know me, know that I am a complete workaholic and feel restless if I don’t have work. I really miss my clients and my work but for the time being while life throws all these lemons at me, I am going to squeeze them, peel them, juice them and make a lovely lemon turmeric cake, an idea which I got from my American friend this afternoon.

Stay healthy!

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